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Each clinic is from 9:00 - 10:00 (Tara member clinics)

$25.00 per person, per clinic

MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF 4 to do the entire hour!

Due to the corona virus, limiting these to Tara members only.

Thursday, March 26th - CHIPPING Tara members only

Friday April 3rd - IRON PLAY Tara members only

Saturday, April 4th - HYBRID PLAY Tara members only

Thursday, April 9th - PUTTING Tara members only

Thursday, April 16th - DRIVER Tara members only

LPGA Amateur Clinic Information

$25.00 per person, per clinic

EMAIL ME to sign up

Saturday, March 28th - CHIPPING 9:00 - 10:00 (LPGA only)

Thursday, April 2nd - DRIVER 4:00 - 5:00pm (LPGA only)

Thursday, April 9th - BUNKER 4:00 - 5:00 (LPGA only)

Saturday, April 11th - IRONS 9:00 - 10:00 (LPGA only)

Monday, April 13th - PITCHING 1:00 - 2:00pm (LPGA only)

Saturday, April 18th - How to practice 9:00 - 10:00 (LPGA only)

Length of arc
Length of arc

This photo was taken to see just how long her length of arc was. Too long will take a tole on her body as well as take away length.


This backswing is a classic slide. The thinks she is turning, but it's actually a start of a slide. This takes you away from your center! Causing all kinds of problems; hitting behind the ball; loss of distance, etc. etc.

Trying to keep head down
Trying to keep head down

Look at the stress her neck is under. She is trying so hard to keep her "head down". Posture is critical to a smooth swing!

Chicken wing
Chicken wing

All caused by an improper path in the back swing.

Cross the line
Cross the line

This backswing will promote a draw or even a hook if not fixed. The butt end of the club should be more pointed at the ball instead of where it is.

Programs that will help every caliber of golfer

 see below


4 - 7 sessions to get those who have never picked up a club to be a golfer on the first swing!  My suggestion for beginners is all 7 lessons.  That way you get on the course, you will be familiar with the driving range and of course all the fundamentals that are so very important.  


4 lesson packages include an on course tour to begin, then 3 lessons of just fundamentals and swinging.  The 4th lesson is on the short game.  


5 lesson packages include all of what the 4 lesson package includes plus a lesson on bunker/specialty shots. 


6 lesson packages include all of what the 5 lesson package includes plus a 3 hole playing lesson.


7 lesson packages include all of what the 6 lesson package includes plus another 3 hole playing lesson which includes course management.  


Of course all the above programs can be customized to you're liking and needs.




Intermediate golfers

(golfers who have played at least a few years and have established a USGA Handicap)


4 lesson packages: includes 2 lessons on full swing and 2 lessons on just the short game.  


6 lesson packages: include all of what the 4 lesson packages include, plus a 3 hole playing lesson.


Club Fitting packages:  Club fitting with specifics on shaft flex, length and brand.  4-6 lessons after clubs arrive. 



Advanced golfers

(golfers who have a USGA Handicap of 8 or less)


Limitless packages available.  Please see me for information.


FlightScope now available

See what FlightScope can do for you, click on the link.


Picture OR Video Lessons

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