What you should know about weather BEFORE heading to the golf course!

Hot - Take plenty of hydration with you.  If it's extremely hot you should take a sports drink with you that has electrolytes.  Very important to keep your blood sugar levels up. 

Cold - Take plenty of layers!  You can always take off a layer or two, but being cold can only lead to a long round of golf.  Here are somethings you can keep in your golf bag during the winter months that will be handy someday:

Hot Hands - buy them at your local pro shop or a sporting good store.

Ear Warmers - these are necessary for those cold and windy days.

Mittens or gloves - to keep your hands warm when driving the cart.

Extra socks - Just in case you get your feet wet, you can keep your feet dry!

Rainy - waterproof jacket & waterproof shoes.  If you can keep your upper body and feet from getting wet you will be much happier staying warm!  


2014 - MJW Photography